Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Professional Review by Edmund Humm

by Edmond Humm
“Mr. Sewell, you have had a heart attack within the last 72 hours.”

Sam and Bunny Sewell are directors of Best Self USA, counseling and life skills training clinic in Naples, Florida. Their book, I Fired My Doctors and Saved My Life, is an amazing story of one man’s desire to live and not accept the doctor’s dictates as gospel. Live or die, he would not blindly follow instructions that were making him weaker each day. Armed with supportive friends and family, Sam set out to change the doctor’s prognosis, “Your heart is severely damaged. You probably won’t live until Thanksgiving if you don’t have surgery. Your heart is too far gone for us to do the surgery here, so I am going to arrange for a heart surgeon…”

Sam is a fighter. He still had much to do in his busy life as the director of a counseling and life skills training center. He was not going to let his dear wife, Bunny, drive home alone from the hospital after the surgeon’s attempt to give him a new heart.

Sam and Bunny’s book not only offers an interesting view into his own life and that of his family, it also provides a well referenced guide to better health without the dangerous side effects of prescription drugs. Sam does not offer advice to others. He wrote, “I only report what worked for me.” He does not suggest that the readers should fire their doctors.

Even though Sam did fire a few of his doctors, he praises the achievements modern medicine has made. However; the drug companies will take offense to Sam’s well founded criticism, and doctors who have not considered the wealth of information concerning alternative solutions to patient care will be either enlightened or will ignore Sam and Bunny’s book, preferring the traditional, “Take a pill. Next patient.”

The road Sam took was not an easy one. Even though he has been the director of a counseling and life skills training center for nearly 40 years, Sam was severely depressed. The drug he was taking had strong side effects on his body and mind.

Sam does not blame others for his heart condition. He takes full responsibility for living like Superman, but his diet and lack of regular exercise was the Kryptonite that brought this big man down.

Bunny wrote in a letter, “Sam’s new mantra is ‘Are YOU going to wait until your first heart attack to change your lifestyle?’”

Sam’s Total Life Saving Regimen reversed his heart disease without the high risk of a heart transplant, or by-pass surgery.

The initial medical test showed Sam’s heart had about 20 % efficiency but after 23 days on his Total Life Saving Regimen, his heart rose to 60 % efficiency. Additionally, his heart’s inferior wall, which was reported dead, now showed 80% viability. There were other significant improvements in Sam’s heart. He attributes much of these miraculous changes to his Total Life Saving Regimen. He also recognizes the other factors that contributed to his recovery: Lifestyle change, prayers, family and friend’s encouragement and support.

I Fired My Doctors and Saved My Life is well written and a must read for those of us who ignore our bodies until they fail us. Five stars for I Fired My Doctors and Saved My Life.

Reviewed by Ed Humm, author of Golden Goose.

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