Tuesday, December 9, 2008

To Interested Persons: Book Recommendation!

To Interested Persons:

I would like to recommend a very exciting and timely book written by Sam and Bunny Sewell called "I Fired My Doctors and Saved My Life." I am calling this book to your attention because it seems to naturally lend itself to cinema adaptation.

The theme is straight forward and simple, yet deeply profound. The main character, Sam is a compassionate, no-nonsense psychotherapist who shares a successful family practice with his wife, Bunny.

After a lifetime of engagement in a wide variety of pursuits, ranging from Naval Aviation, intelligence gathering to theological and scientific research, this middle-American farm boy from Iowa is diagnosed with a serious heart condition. Sam had enjoyed good health most of his life and had never spent a day in a hospital.

After not being able to sleep because of shortness of breath, he was referred to a cardiologist and was immediately hospitalized. He was told that his life could be saved by nothing short of a heart transplant. By-pass surgery was out of the question.

Shocked by the sudden realization of a life-threatening disease, Sam & Bunny proceeded to seek a second opinion and to arrange for extensive testing. All the tests and professional judgments pointed to a confirmation of the original diagnosis and the need for a heart transplant.

The search for a donor heart began, and Sam was put on a regimen of prescription drugs, most of which proved to be laden with side affects and seemed to be energy-draining.

Finally, frustrated by the endless testing and visits to out of town specialists who disagreed about the levels of medication and the proper surgical procedures, Sam and Bunny pooled their own resources of nutritional knowledge and, with the help of other health professionals, turned a tragic future into a modern miracle. They "Fired Their Doctors and Saved Sam's Life!"

Without drugs or surgery Sam’s heart disease was reversed, and diagnostic testing two years later verified that there wasn’t even a need for “stents.”

The diet, health and fitness element of the book is today, a subject of enormous popular concern. The plot contains a rich blend of drama, joy, crisis, and triumph over adversity. Each of the characters is well developed, realistic, yet vivid and enticing.

My own experience as a producer and director of many stage plays both in New York, and Naples, Florida over the past fifteen years, has convinced me that this would be a smash film production, well received by a large audience of family-oriented movie-goers, where the subject matter is wholesome and uplifting.

This enlightening book, "I Fired My Doctors and Saved My life" has a strong spiritual message which will have universal appeal.

It is a fascinating story with a happy ending, which should prove a strong alternative to the usual "sex and mayhem” theme of most Hollywood fare.


Selwyn J. Mills Ph.D.


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